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Lomax Mouthpiece Measuring Kit

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Lomax Mouthpiece Measuring Kit

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From professional players and educators to repair shop technicians, mouthpiece manufacturers, or front end sales staff, the Lomax Mouthpiece Measuring Kit is a 'must have' item for anyone interested in making quick, accurate measurements of woodwind mouthpiece tip openings, as well as determine facing specifications. TIP OPENING MEASUREMENT Most notable of the kit's features is the dial indicator gauge which provides quick, easy measurement of the tip opening. Utilizing a six jeweled movement, the gauge delivers accuracy greater than 1/2 thousandth of inch (100th of a millimeter). The gauge holder is precision machined from solid aluminum billet, and the unique design allows for exceptional ease of use: simply position the table of the mouthpiece along the underside of the holder so that the mouthpiece tip engages the plunger of the gauge. The dial on the easy to read gauge face will clearly indicate tip opening. Professionals as well as amateur players will find this especially useful when selecting and comparing new mouthpieces, or to confirm listed specifications of their existing mouthpieces. Educators likewise will find this invaluable in allowing them to quickly check students' mouthpieces to help in diagnosing embouchure related problems. And woodwind repair shops as well as the front end sales counter will find great benefit in being able to advise and make recommendations to their clients on tip opening options in the selection of a new mouthpiece. FACING CURVE MEASUREMENT For taking facing measurements the kit draws upon a system devised by Erick D. Brand and utilizes a piece of clear glass upon which is etched an easy to read numbered scale. With the mouthpiece held against the glass, the user inserts various steel feelers between the mouthpiece rails and the glass to plot the curve of the facing and determine the lay of the mouthpiece. The kit comes complete with dial indicator gauge, glass scale, assorted steel feelers, storage / carrying case, detailed instruction booklet, and two year limited warranty.

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