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Kooiman Etude Thumb Rest for Clarinet

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Kooiman Etude Plastic Thumbrest can be used for Bb Clarinet.

Professional Installation recommended.
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The Etude is a light weight thumb rest for clarinet made out of durable plastics. The Etude enhances the freedom of playing. Faster and easier movement of the ring- and little finger and it prevents fatigue of the thumb and hand. It gives your a sense control and of a firm "grip" on your instrument. The Etude makes it possible to move the pressure point of the thumb rest to the first phalanx of the thumb to the space between the two joints. The lever momentum is much smaller at this point so the thumb can support the weight more easily. Much of the energy used for supporting the weight then becomes available for handling the instrument and can be used to improve control and speed up playing technique. The use of the Etude offers you a new way of holding your instrument! Instead of "holding in the tendons", the musician will now hold the instrument in an "active" way! The thumb is held higher and is either straight or slightly bent. The result is a "natural and individual" posture. Chose the row of holes in the mounting slide, that allows the Etude to be fitted on the instrument at a height, that when you are playing the instrument, the thumb will be opposite the index finger. No new holes have to be drilled. You can use the holes from the "old" thumb rest. Professional Installation recommended.

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